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7:30 AM

10.1 mi


6:23 mi


145.3 lb
173 bpm
181 bpm


45 F
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Cherry Blossom 10-miler

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Splits: 5 miles 31:40, 10k 39:28. Certainly an improvement over my 40:00 10k three weeks ago. Thought I had it in me to challenge my 1:02:49 PR today, but that was clearly too ambitious. There was some wind, but otherwise the weather was very good. I started feeling pretty tired before halfway, maybe 4 miles in, and then slowed down steadily during the second half. My stomach felt off and during the last couple of miles I seriously thought it might all come out, but that may have just been the effect of pushing hard. Mainly I think my fitness just isn't there yet. Got to run 7 miles with Joan Benoit, though, before she left me in the dust.