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12:05 PM

16 mi


7:18 mi


146 lb


50 F
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Planned was 10 miles at 7:20 then 6 at 6:45-50. I did 10 at 7:19, then 3 at 6:46. But then I fell apart and had to sit around for a while before jogging the remaining 3 miles. Actually, I started losing it earlier, after about 2 miles at MP, when I stupidly headed up Capitol Hill. Before that I felt pretty good, but it was clear right away that the hill would break me. So I stopped my watch and walked up it. I got in another downhill mile at MP after that but was clearly at the end of my rope. The weather was warmer than usual - yesterday I ran in tights, and today in shorts and short sleeves. I was sweaty and have the chafing to prove it. Maybe I just need to take in more in non-cold weather. I stopped twice at the only drinking fountain I know to be on right now, at the WWII memorial, but waited until after I crashed to take a gel. I'm clearly dehydrated now after finishing. Anyway, this was better than last time, at least. Marathon pace felt surprisingly slow.

Training Plan Entry

marathon pace

16 mi

10 E + 6 M