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8:06 AM

6.3 mi


6:02 mi


145.8 lb


47 F

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Veterans Day 10k

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(Cadence 183). Official time 37:41 for 40th overall and 4th in my group. I'm not sure why the official results have my gun time and net time the same, since I did not start right at the front, and it's odd to have a 4 second discrepancy between my watch and my official time. Anyway, though not a PR (which is 37:23), this may be my best 10k performance to date (because I set my PR on a point-to-point, net downhill course with no headwind and I slowed down consistently during that entire race, and this course measured longer on my Garmin). At least it's my second fastest 10k time. There was a headwind in miles 3, 5, and 6. In mile 5 I found myself leading a train of maybe 4 people, working hard to fight the wind and slowing down. Luckily, around the 5 mile mark another guy took over the lead and I hung behind him until he dropped me maybe half a mile later. If he hadn't passed me then, I probably would have continued slowing down instead of speeding back up in the final mile. Except for him, nobody passed me in the second half and I passed at least half a dozen people, including a masters guy in the last half mile. I was right on the red line that final mile. But I had a kind of strength today (aerobic capacity?) that I don't recall ever feeling before.