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9:20 AM

5 mi


8:24 mi


151.7 lb
139 bpm
162 bpm


42 F
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Eversfield Dr.

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4 x short, slow hills about halfway up steep Eversfield Dr. after jogging 4 miles in UP. This may be the first day I've run after doing PT exercises the day before. Anyway, I felt achy from the beginning. I could barely run any harder up Eversfield, and there was no mistaking the location of my primary injury (right glute max lateral to where I often feel the sacraltuberous ligament pain). Nothing hits that spot like running uphill. So I know what to do now. Also today for the first time I followed Lydia's advice and stretched after running, especially glute and hamstrings. Just takes a few minutes.

Training Plan Entry

Hill repeats

5 mi

4 x hills