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3:14 PM

13 mi


7:21 mi


146 lb


41 F
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Went to gravelly point in case I had 18 miles in me, but stopped at the Smithsonian metro stop on the way back and took the metro home. The wind was really whipping and driving me crazy. That bothered me more than decreased fitness, after running no more than 7 miles for 3 weeks, or my hip. My hip was a little tight but not nearly as much as it was during my 18 miler 3 weeks ago. Afterwards it is tighter than I'd like, so it took ibuprofen and will skip my exercises today. If it's ok down there in the morning, I might do them then. But this run was a step in the right direction. I was trying to average 7:20, no faster, but the wind made it somewhat uneven.