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8:00 AM

6.1 mi


7:08 mi


157 lb
172 bpm
207 bpm


28 F
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Short 10k course partly on snow and ice at East Potomac Park. Official time 43:24. Finished 12th overall. On a full course it perhaps would have been 44:21. Despite some slow miles, mostly because of snow and ice, I finished fast and would have been slightly under my time last week on a full course. That was because of good competition: I was trying to catch a guy about 20 feet ahead of me, and trying to avoid getting passed by a guy who really pushed it over the last 1.5 miles. I failed at both but learned that I could push it harder than I had before at the end. Overall a very fun race. Smaller, like this, is much better. And running on ice and snow is no big deal. Wore tights, long- (nike) and short-sleeved tech shirts, gloves, and hat, which was fine.