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10:41 AM

5 mi


8:08 mi


154.5 lb
136 bpm
158 bpm


52 F
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Lake Artemesia

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1 uptempo mile felt miserably tight in the right glute. Difficult even to jog home, although I felt relatively good warming up. Afterwards I had a PT appointment with Kelsey, who zeroed in on the deep lateral or external rotators under the glute max, which include the piriformis. Those attach to the sacrum where I feel pain almost at the midline, as well as laterally where I also feel it (usually later). That was my issue, today at least. Perhaps what occasioned it was not doing anything yesterday: simple tightness (of injured muscles). She gave me a couple more exercises, but curiously they're for hamstrings (because I mentioned that), not for external rotators, which I think I need to stretch.