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8:59 AM

5 mi


8:57 mi


78 F
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My first real interval workout in modern history (on the track). Was supposed to do 4x800SI and 4x400SI, but I only did three of each. Had my watch set at 400 meters/lap. My SI pace for 800 meters is supposed to be 3:27, which is 2x1:43.5. My SI pace for 400 meters is supposed to be 1:42. Recovery is supposed to be jogging half the distance (roughly 10min/mile). Now look at my real times: I ran too fast and recovered too slowly, only slightly, but each time (except the second lap of the first 800). For each recovery, I would initially walk for about 100 meters and then jog the rest, accelerating toward the beginning of the next lap. I should jog at a consistent pace the whole time. If I run a bit slower, at my SI paces, then it should be easier to refrain from walking at the beginning of my recovery. I'll try doing the next two or three interval workouts exactly and fully before considering whether to change my paces. This was really hard, presumably because I never do it. At the same time, I think that these paces will very soon be too slow for me. In any case, doing this regularly should make a bug difference. Now let's see whether I can recover from this before Saturday's 5k race.