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2:19 PM

18 mi


7:10 mi


53 F
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Planned to do a steady 18-miler at or just under 7:20/mi. It's warm and sunny but quite windy (from the west), so I had on two layers on top and gloves (which I wore for about the first third). I drank water and ate a gel at 6 and 12 miles, which may explain why I felt stronger today than last time. My pace was 7:16 at halfway, and I gradually sped up from there (aided by wind). After my second gel, I felt strong enough to run 7-flat. After Capitol Hill, I was able to run 7-flat again, still not pushing. So I decided to run the last 3 miles at marathon pace, which was indeed harder but not super difficult. Afterwards I felt less bad than I did after my recent long runs. But my right hip hurts in a way that's connected with my lower back on that side. It started getting tight around halfway and was quite tight after I stopped briefly for my second drink and gel.