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6:59 AM

27.7 mi


6:57 mi


159 bpm
173 bpm


41 F
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Philadelphia Marathon

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Auto lap off but I hit the split button at all but one mile marker. Official time 3:12:29. Official splits: 10k 41:14 (6:38), half 1:28:36 (6:45), 30k 2:10:40 (7:00). 772nd overall. Conditions were difficult: just over 40 with rain and wind maybe 12 mph or so (from NW). I think my main mistakes were eating too late the night before (including bread with PB right before going to bed, which I should not do), not getting up early enough (5:15 for a 7:00 start) and eating too little (banana and a piece of bread), and taking in too little during the race. I had to stop and go #2 at 14 miles, because I ate too late the night before and didn't have enough time in the morning to take care of all that. If I get up earlier in the morning, I can also eat a bit more then. But in any case, I need to take in more carbs during marathons. I should alternate gels+water and sports drink at every aid station until the teens, after which whatever works (preferring sports drink). It's the carbs! I'm going to experiment with other gels besides GU, and stop eating so much (or anything) after dinner (which might also facilitate going to bed earlier).

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26.2 mi

Philadelphia Marathon