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7:25 AM

13.2 mi


6:26 mi


146 lb


58 F
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Navy - Air Force Half Marathon. Official time 1:24:39, which is 6:27 pace. 44th place overall (behind one woman). 10 mile split was 1:04:21. Woke up more than 3 hours before the race (accidentally) and ate oatmeal, then a banana. Before warming up I had some GU chomps, and then I had a caffeinated gel right before the race. During the race I ate two gels, one of which was caffeinated. I didn't really need both but wanted to practice eating gels while running at pace. My stomach was a bit sour, especially in the last couple miles, but not so much that it was a problem. I felt pretty strong almost the whole way, until the last mile. There was a light wind that we ran into for the first 5 miles and the last 2 miles. The rest was with the wind. That mostly explains the variations in pace before the final mile, though there were also some small rolling hills on Rock Creek Parkway during roughly miles 3-8. That 6:08 mile went under the Kennedy Center overhang and was probably really more like 6:15. I'm surprised that my official time wasn't several seconds faster, instead of slower than what Garmin says, because I stopped my watch a while after crossing the line.

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13.1 mi

Navy-Air Force Half Marathon (registered)