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9:52 AM

4.9 mi


8:55 mi


145.6 lb


61 F
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UMD track


6 x (800m @ 3:04.4 avg., 300m @ 62.3 avg.), w/ 100m slow jog (1 min.) between each 800m and 300m, and 2.5 min. between sets (i.e., after each 300m until the end). Was supposed to go 3:05-10 for the 800s and 64-66 for the 300s. Like last week, the first and last 300s were fast. Between those I inched toward the target range, which didn't seem hard. I was in the target range for the first three 800s but then squeezed it down, reaching 3:00 on the last one. Even that wasn't particularly hard, and the 800s in the first half seemed easy. I wasn't 100% a few days after a migraine, but still this wasn't particularly difficult.