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11:35 AM

10 mi


8:21 mi


39 F
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10 fartlek with 9x30sec@6:00-6:30. VERY windy. Wore tights (first time this year), long-sleeved tech shirt, jacket, new beanie hat (saucony), gloves, glasses, and the belt under my jacket with 2 waters and a gel. Felt good in every way, in spite of expecting to feel bad as I set out. Clothes were great because of the wind - a bit warm when the wind was low, but usually it was blowing very hard. I was moderately sweaty under the clothes, but not too much. I think the trick to winter running may be to dress so that I feel about the same way under the clothes as I feel in summer clothes in summer weather: warm but hopefully not steamy, and certainly not cold. At least that felt good today, and I somehow enjoyed getting blown around by the wind.