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1:53 PM

6 mi


7:21 mi


63 F
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Metro trail


After feeling somewhat better on Monday and taking Tuesday off to absorb those gains, I expected to feel pretty good today. But I felt probably the worst I've felt since the 18-miler that precipitated or greatly exacerbated this hip problem. I suspect that this is because I hadn't stretched since just after Monday's run, not even just before today's run (though I did stretch afterwards). Rest apparently doesn't help, but stretching is becoming crucial. The problem, or much of it, is muscle tightness, though obviously I don't know what's causing that. I read an article today that made me suspect that my psoas is tight, and that its tightness has caused tightness elsewhere. Anyway, it was a struggle to get through today's run, but the latter miles were the least bad as I loosened up a little. Bizarre weather too.