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8:00 AM

6.2 mi


6:05 mi


149.5 lb


50 F

Race Result

99 / 2752 (3.6%)
9 / 199 (4.5%)
83 / 1307 (6.4%)


Pike's Peek 10k. Split at 5k was (I think) 18:41, which means the second 5k was 19:07. I started out running so fast because I was wondering whether I could hit the 36:40 qualifying standard to be ranked in my age group by WWR. But after a mile I wised up and went back to my goal of running sub-38 minutes, which requires a 6:06 pace. I held right on that pace through 4 miles, when I started getting tired. But I didn't slow much. Most of the difference between my first and second 5k's had to do with that first fast mile. I don't think it affected me much later, since I backed off before it became a problem. But who knows? The course is indeed fast but not all downhill. I'd say it's mostly low rolling hills, with all the uphills and downhills slight and the downhills outnumbering the uphills slightly. At the end, we crested what turned out to be the steepest uphill right at 6 miles and could then see the finish line down a final downhill. One of the elite women I had been running near for the entire second half passed me right then, and I tried just to keep pace with her down the final hill. Hence the fast pace on that final .2.

Training Plan Entry


6.2 mi

Pike's Peek 10k