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12:52 PM

2.9 mi


6:04 mi


151 lb


38 F
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Potomac Park


PVTC By George 5k. Small turnout. I got 5th and was in that position most of the way. The leader cut the course by running through the parking lot instead of going all the way around Haines Point, and six of us followed him. After that there was a big enough gap that the mistake was not imitated further. I also failed to stop my watch at the end (I've corrected it here with educated guesses). Near the end my average pace said 6:05, and I pretty clearly ran my third mile the fastest. I was recorded as finishing in 17:48, and I think that I saw the distance as 2.94 on my watch just after finishing. So if the course had been 3.1 on my watch, it seems that I would likely have run 18:50-52. But the PVTC website says we ran 314 meters short, which would seem to put my 5k time just over 19 minutes. Perhaps the whole course would have been slightly long by my watch? Anyway, it was the first time I'd run that fast in a month or so. It was a shock, and I gradually got faster as I started getting a little more used to that shock. The pace did not feel fast at all, though. I was conversational and clearly could have run faster if I were more prepared to handle the way that feels. So this was encouraging regarding my fitness, although it shows (what I knew) that I need to get used to race pace before I can expect to run faster times. Steve Stakland beat me by 10 seconds on little training.

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3.1 mi

PVTC By George