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9:03 AM

5 mi


6:11 mi


151 lb


42 F

Race Result

87 / 6009 (1.4%)
12 / 351 (3.4%)
75 / 2408 (3.1%)


St. Patrick's Day 8k. Official time 30:51. 5k split 18:52. That split is my second fastest 5k, and then I ran 3k further. I did slow down, though. I ran the last two miles something like 16 seconds slower than in December when I ran 31:05 on this course and finished with my fastest mile. I also apparently ran the tangents better this time, which I tried to do. Last night I slept little because A had a bad night, and because my allergies are bad now. So that may have slowed me down today - probably somewhat, although my goal of breaking 30 minutes may have been too ambitious anyway. Mile 2 on this course is tough no matter what. After it I got back into my rhythm better than in the past but still wasn't able to get under 6 minute pace again. Then I lost my rhythm around halfway, and soon the pace dropped more. I'd like to blame my lack of sleep for those last two miles, at least. To be honest, I also didn't give 100% once it was obvious that sub-30 was out of reach after halfway.

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5 mi

St Patrick's Day 8k