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2:29 AM

6.2 mi


8:18 mi


128 bpm
150 bpm
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Kallithea track

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6 strides. Started at 6 because the grass field at the Kallithea track (like the track itself) is shorter than at UMD. Left foot was even worse by evening on Thursday and I started to think I needed to take time off running. But it wasn't super bad on Friday morning, and on Friday afternoon I took ibuprofen for the first time. Two hours later it felt completely fine. Also, late morning on Friday I did some light massage, balance, soleus, and glute exercises, following the protocol linked below for peroneal tendinopathy. Today it is roughly like before while running, maybe slightly better, but quite a bit better when not running. Will do the same exercises again this afternoon. I realized that I've sprained my left ankle badly three times: in 2014, 2016, and 2020. That plus the onset of this after starting to run on the uneven pavement here can't be a coincidence. Another possibility is that it's from turning left on the track, which I also started doing around the same time. Anyway, I think my peroneals are overworking because my ankle is weak from not being rehabbed properly. So I need basically to do rehab for an ankle sprain now. I'll also look for alternatives to the track.

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6 mi