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10:56 AM

6 mi


8:57 mi


82 F
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Easy solo. Got up late b/c slept in after presenting a paper yesterday. Very hot. Left hip aching after the run, which is bad news before a 20-mile run tomorrow. Must eat well and stretch today.

Next day update: a few hours after this run, while in the grocery store, my left foot started hurting. It got progressively worse - never really bad, but bad enough to cancel my Sunday long run. It seems to be some sort of inflamed soft tissue, not a bone or joint problem. It's mainly on the outside (left side) of my foot, and I feel it more on the top than the bottom; but it's not localized to a very specific place, and the dull pain sometimes moves further up toward my toes or more toward the underside of my foot. Often it seems fine when I'm just sitting there, but when I walk it's clear there is something wrong, mainly when pushing off with that (left) foot. Perhaps this is an overpronation problem? As for the proximate cause, I think it's a reaction to my new shoes, especially to tying them too tightly - along with the stress of finishing my paper this past week, last weekend's race, trying to pick up the mileage again this week, etc. I'm going to rest completely on Sunday (today) and Monday, ice and elevate my foot when I can, and then see what I'm up for on Tuesday. And when I do run again, I'm going to tie my shoes more loosely.