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7:31 AM

10.1 mi


6:16 mi


148 lb


46 F

Race Result

202 / 17492 (1.2%)
18 / 1141 (1.6%)
187 / 7208 (2.6%)
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Official time 1:03:01, which is 6:18/mi. Splits: 31:07 at 5 miles and 38:52 at 10k. Clearly I slowed down in the second half, in part because of wind and in part because I was just tired. But I held my form pretty well the whole time. Garmin misled me somewhat. I thought I was under 1:02:00 pace at halfway, then aimed just to finish under 1:03 when the wind hit and I was clearly slowing. I thought I was finishing a few seconds under 1:03 even as I crossed the line and could easily have picked up a few seconds in that last mile had I known otherwise. But it doesn't matter. Sub-1:03 was my original goal, which I decreased to sub-1:02 after my 3 x 2 mile tempo intervals recently. But this morning, when I felt the wind, I figured that my original goal was more realistic, and I basically hit that. I knew that the wind would slow me down on the second half of the course, so I paced for the more ambitious goal at first. But I don't think I could have run under 1:02 today even without wind. Maybe 1:02:30 or so. I ate a second banana an hour before the race and regretted it when my stomach felt quite sour in the last mile. I drank a little water twice on the course but ate no gel. Maybe I should have had more water. Anyway, given how limited my training has been lately, this was a good race.

Training Plan Entry


10 mi

Cherry Blossom