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9:00 AM

5 mi


6:07 mi


146.5 lb


42 F

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Not sure why the course was shorter this time on my Garmin. Since it's been almost exactly the same every other time I ran it, I wonder whether they shortened it. If my watch was just off, then I think it would have had to be off from the beginning, since it beeped well after even the first mile marker. That would mean that I ran the first mile even faster than 5:50. Anyway, I definitely felt good during the first half, and not like I was running too fast. But as usual I died right around the third mile marker. This was my first race in a long time, and since injuring my hip. It was fine during the race but felt tight afterwards. So I skipped a cool down. My stomach felt moderately sour from pretty early on, which could possibly be related to just not being used to AM running. Mainly I'm just not terribly fit.

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5 mi

St. Patrick's Day 8k (registered)