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6:32 PM

7 mi


9:49 mi


73 F


9 / 10
9 / 10
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Was right on target for 1st half of planned run with one mile warm up and next 2.5 miles in low 10s. Easily picked up the pace as soon as I started back. The mile 5 pace of 9:18 seemed a little fast so I dialed pace back in first half of mile 6 to about 9:37 then surged a couple of times nicely in the second half of the mile to finish at 9:29. Felt some discomfort in mile 7, but ignored that message from my brain and pushed pace to just under 9:16, the fastest of the run. Last 3 miles were not a text book progressive run, but I felt really postive about being able to maintain the speed and to surge when it was needed. Tired but not spent at the end of this run.