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10:05 AM

10 mi


9:30 mi


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Great warm up. Strong, consistent and in control for the entire 2 1/2. Overall the LT portion was definitely improved over last week even though the overall pace was slightly under the slow end of the target range (about 9:09/mile). I took the first mile conservatively, then picked up the pace & my turnover to about 178-180 during miles 2, 3 & 4. Turnover slowed slightly to 176-178 during the last mile, but was able to increase effort slightly to maintain LT pace. Again like last week the 2 1/2 mile cool down felt like I was cruising easily after the previous 5 miles hard effort. Need to focus on picking up the turnover & effort just slightly & maintaining it to the end, but I feel like I'm moving in that direction. Pedestal routine x 2 & Myrtl routine after the run.