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Even though my legs were definitely more fatigued than last night, strides were pretty much on the same level as yesterdays. Surprisingly, despite the fatigued legs, turnover was even a little better than last night, averaging the upper 200s for reps 1 through 3. There was a slight drop off in cadence to 198 in rep 4, but was able to push it back into the upper 200s for the last rep. Myrtl routine & pedestal routine x 2 (45 seconds) after the strides. Side pedestals were improved. Held the side pedestals through the 45 seconds on both the first & second reps with only slight discomfort right at the end of second 45 second period. Then did leg circuit #1. Front and lateral lunges solid. Lateral shuffle was better although still felt a bit awkward. Still had a lot of problems with the single leg lunge but finally did resolve the balance problem & completed five reps on each leg.