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11:39 AM

7.6 mi


9:19 mi


53 F


7 / 10
9 / 10
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Prairie Path


In a training block with lots of very good workouts, this was among the best. Strong, consistent running from start to finish with a great flow. Felt great during the warm up miles. First interval felt good, but again it felt to me like I was running a low 9 minute mile. When I saw 8:51 for the first mile, I was really energized. Intervals 2 and 3 were just as comfortable and fast as the first one. I definitely felt like this was a "hard but controlled effort". Pace really came to me today. Even though the interval miles were faster than Saturday's fast finish miles, it never seemed as if I was expending as much effort as I was on Saturday. Completed all exercise routines after the run.