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8:04 AM

3.1 mi


8:37 mi


60 F

Race Result

99 / 316 (31.3%)
8 / 14 (57.1%)
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Terrible race execution. First half mile I busted out at around a 8:08 pace but by the end of the first mile I had slowed to a 8:25 pace. In second mile even though my effort seemed consistent, the pace dropped off to around 8:45 (ignore the splits above they are messed up because I accidently hit lap an extra time plus I didn't turn it off when I crossed the finish line which threw the splits on the Garmin way off). Tried a couple of times to surge during the last 3/4s to half a mile with very little effect. Weather was perfect. I just did not run this very well or as fast as I wanted to. I just looked at the Garmin Connect statistics and they showed the moving time for the race at 26:45 (i crossed the finish line at about 26:48 or 49 and it was not chip timed so 26:45 is probably close to my actual racing time). Garmin connect also showed the first mile at 8:22, 2 & 3 at 8:45 & 8:47 and the final tenth at an 8:18 pace, all of those paces more closely match what I felt I was running during the race. Time in final results was 26:44.8.