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7:04 AM

17 mi


10:13 mi


25 F


8 / 10
7 / 10
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Pretty good long run. While weather was warmer than last Saturday, the lack of sun with a steady west wind made the overall run more challenging. The wind wasn't really strong, but, after a few miles of running, it cut through the layers and made it difficult to keep the muscles consistently warm. Ran with a group for the first four miles & even though my pace was faster, I hung back with them to keep the early miles more conservative. The middle miles were pretty strong, but after I stopped to take a gel and hydrate after 12 miles, my legs definitely tightened up in the chilly conditions. As a result, the last five miles were somewhat harder than most of my recent workouts, but I just pushed through the tightness so that the last five miles were pretty comparable to miles 7 through 12. Turnover was pretty steady, a little slower the first four miles, but stayed between 172 and 176 the last 13 miles. Myrtl routine & pedestals x 2 (45 seconds) after the run. Did 45 seconds on all pedestal reps, but second rep of the side pedestals is still shaky the last 3-4 seconds.