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7:27 AM

18 mi


10:28 mi



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8 / 10
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Very good long run. Took the first 6 miles easy, but developed a really good rhythm while running those initial miles. From the middle of mile 7, I picked up the effort and turnover a notch and was able to maintain that same effort from there to the finish. Legs felt a little tired after I hit the 14 mile mark, but this was really minor and had very little, if any, effect on how I was running as I was able to hit my fastest mile in mile 18. Hydration/ fueling, which I did about every 3 miles, also went very well. Myrtl, pedestal, & leg circuit routines after the run. Side pedestals are still pretty much maxed out at 45 seconds and were tougher today after the 18 miles. But leg circuit, particularly the single leg squat, was

much better.