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1:25 PM

13.1 mi


9:40 mi


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62 / 100 (62%)
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Official time 2:06:43. Very frustrating run. As you can see from the lap times I was able to keep the lap pace in the 2:32-2:36 range for the first 18 laps, but then fell off to the high 2:30s from 19 to about 31, then dropped into the low 2:40s to the finish. What was frustrating was that my legs and endurance felt good the entire distance, but when I tried to surge in the 2nd half of the race it had very little effect on the overall lap time. It was like my brain would say go harder, but there was no real acceleration or increased pace. Very discouraging because at the finish I just like I had really regressed. Ignore the lap distances and pace numbers because the foot pod was way off -- at least 0.05 per mile.