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9:34 AM

13.1 mi


9:15 mi


7 / 10
8 / 10

Race Result

124 / 199 (62.3%)
4 / 6 (66.7%)
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Above is the official finishing time and placments. I deleted all the split times as they were essentially useless (showed me running over 14 miles). Here's my one day removed post mortem. Because it is so distracting to try to track lap times, I chose to run this by mostly by feel. I had hoped to run under 2 hours so I did know what my time needed to be in 5 lap increments & with the timing clock clearly visible as you completed each lap that was doable. Plus they had a screen situated so I could usually my lap time on the screen fairly easily. The first half of the race went pretty much as planned. By the end of five laps I had settled into a comfortably pace that I was having no trouble maintaining & it was only slightly slower than my sub 2 hour target. At 25 laps I was maybe 20 to 30 seconds slower than my target, but still feeling strong & capable of going faster. It was at this point I lost focus for maybe 6 o 7 laps & when I finally check my lap time about the end of lap 32 it had slowed by 3 to 5 seconds. I picked it up at that point & picked it up again with about 8 laps to go (about 2 miles), but couldn't regain that time I lost in those middle laps. That said ( and it was in my mind a logistical problem brought on by the repeated circling & the inability to check & adjust pace), I was still very satisfied with the results: I ran hard the entire race & was still running as fast or faster at the end of the race as I was in the early laps; the 2 halves of the race were virtually identical in terms of time; and I did have another gear in final couple of miles. Plus it was an PR for this race. So lots to build on for the final two races in this training block.