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1:22 PM

4 mi


9:20 mi


9 / 10
8 / 10
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Intervals were 7 1/2 laps of the track (5/8ths of a mile) and recoveries were all 2 1/2 laps. Felt a little winded after the second interval so starting with the 2nd recovery I walked the first 1/2 lap and then jogged the remaining 2 laps so first recovery was 30 seconds shorter than the rest. Intervals themselves were very solid. Took the first two intervals conservatively so times were just over the high end of the pace range (around 8:25/mile). Felt pretty good for the all of the final 3 reps and was able to push all three of them a little harder while still being able to maintain a pretty steady effort for each of those reps. Reps 3 & 5 at about a 8:17/mile pace were sandwiched around rep 4 at about an 8:20/mile pace. Felt I was pushing all the reps at a hard effort, but not a max effort.