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6:09 PM

8 mi


10:26 mi


74 F


8 / 10
7 / 10
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Prairie Path


Overall decent run. Tired at start & needed first couple of miles to warm up. Bulk of the hills climbs were in miles 5 and 6. Pace slowed at start of series of hills but picked up steadily& effort during hills was very consistent. Chose to keept pace just a little slower than high end of target starting with last quarter mile of mile 6 as this was first run of a high mileage week. But with just a half mile to go, got caught in sudden downpour and had no trouble pushing the pace hard to finish run & find some shelter before I was totally drenched -- result was a 10:04 final mile. Even with the unplanned half mile fast finish had felt I had a lot left at the end of the run.