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8:25 AM

8 mi


9:12 mi


55 F


7 / 10
9 / 10
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Prairie Path


Excellent set of intervals. Felt strong after the two rest days. Steady & comfortable warm up. Slow and steady build up to 10k effort in first interval. About half way through I found my pace and then maintained it to the end of the interval, pushing it a little in the last quarter mile. Recovered well after the 1 minute jog although it was probably a minute and half between the end of the first interval & the start of the second. Found pace and effort immediately in the 2nd interval. About half way through I did get a little aggressive & pushed the pace a little harder than I wanted. This is why a felt a little discomfort just before the mile mark & when I saw the 8:23 mile, I eased back a little for the final quarter. Second recovery was about the same as the first. Then I was a little more controlled running the 3rd interval & had no discomfort near the mile mark and was able to push a little in the last quarter to finish the last interval very strongly. Cool down was relaxed and easy, Completed full set of exercise routines after the workout.