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8:21 AM

3.6 mi


9:50 mi


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6 sets of 1 min 30 seconds @ 6% incline; 1 min @ 0% incline; 1 min @ 7% incline; and 2 min @ 0% incline.

Recovery portion for all six sets was run at 5.8 mph. Because of the long layoff since the last time I ran this workout, I started conservatively & ran the incline portions of the first set at 6.4 mph. I started the incline portions of the second set at 6.4 mph, but halfway through the 6% portion, I pushed it to 6.5 mph and kept it there for all remaining sets. I did up it to 6.6 mph for a short time during set four, but I seemed to be straining so I dropped it down to 6.5 mph and that's where it stayed on all inclines. Overall this was a very encouraging work out. I felt strong even when a bit fatigued in sets 5 and 6 and this workout went significantly better than last summer.