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5:07 AM

18 mi


11:15 mi


56 F


4 / 10
5 / 10
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Prairie Path


Good news is that I ran the entire 18 miles with no leg issues at all and post run irritation in the hamstring/glute area. The run was a very mixed bag on the other hand. The first 11 miles were pretty good, steady turnover and nice easy effort. At about 11 1/2 miles, I definitely slowed down a bit although the effort remained about the same. I maintained the slightly slower pace to about mile 15 1/2 and then the last 3 1/2 miles became a real slog. I never felt I need to stop running or that I couldn't finish, but my legs felt very fatigued and heavy. I pushed through that last 3 1/2 miles, but the turnover and pace slowed perceptibly while I didn't have anything extra to fight that off even a little. Finished full set of exercise routines after the run.