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9:28 AM

7.5 mi


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Prairie Path


Today's workout was kind of a mixed bag. Neither my execution of the workout nor my concentration was as good as they've been recently. I felt good & reasonably well rested going into the workout. Warm up mile was a, consistent and comfortably easy effort. First tempo interval was pretty good with a steady medium hard running rhythm. The 2nd interval started out like the first one, but during the last half mile, I started to feel some fatigue, I pushed through the fatigue to finish the second mile and a half with no real drop off in effort. But I didn't recover quite as well in the 5 minute jog between the 2nd and 3rd intervals so I choose to dial down the pace in the final interval a notch. I did run the final interval consistently, but more conservatively than the first two. Cool down mile was slow, steady and relaxed. Pedestals with lifts x 2, Grant Green routine, & leg circuit 2 after the run. Wasn't my worst workout, but I know I could have done better.