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8:22 AM

6.2 mi


9:40 mi


73 F


8 / 10
4 / 10
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Weather wins again with a big boost from a very tough course. No sun kept the temps down, but the humidity was sky high (dewpoint was about 70). I felt hotter and sweatier after half a mile than I usually feel after four miles when the dewpoint is closer to 60. Course was mostly rolling but had four tough hills, 2 out ( end of mile 1 and middle of mile 2) and 2 coming back ( at end of mile 3 and beginning of mile 6). Needless to say the planned strategy became moot after the first hill. I felt I ran hard the entire distance and felt stronger the second half of the race then the first half, but that certainly isn't reflected in the mile splits or the finishing time, which is a "personal worst" for 10k by a lot. Garmin showed 4.05 at the 4 mile mark so I need to start hitting lap at each mile marker to get a better sense of my actual pace.