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6:00 AM

14 mi


10:35 mi


72 F


8 / 10
6 / 10
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Prairie Path


Very uneven run under very poor conditions high humidity (over 85%) and then giving way to rain for the last 6 miles. Early part of the run was just warm and humid, but fortunately no sun and my legs felt absolutely dead. After the hydration stop just after 4 miles, I dialed down the pace and finally my legs felt better and got some rhythm into the run. The rain started just before the end of mile 8 and while it helped bring down the humidity, it rained just enough to make the path sloppy and slippery in spots. I actually ran much better from mile 9 to the end, even though I was pretty drenched by the end of the run. Not the greatest run but great mental training because I fought through some strong negative messages to end up with a decent finish.