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6:19 PM

9 mi


9:38 mi


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9 / 10
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Another solid run. Ran the 4 LT miles about five seconds slower than target pace (36:43, about 9:10/mile), but this was the result of several glitches -- footpad calibration was off so the paces on my Garmin were way off, I did start the first half mile too fast and pulled back a little too much & overall ran conservatively because I had trouble with tempos after New Orleans. I felt strong the entire run and could easily have pushed those middle four miles 5-10 seconds faster. Cadence was solid and consistent. It was a steady 170-172 for the beginning and ending 2 1/2 miles and was a steady 178-180 during the L-T miles. Physically, I'm reacting really well to the increased mileage.