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9:38 AM

13.1 mi


9:20 mi


9 / 10
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110 / 186 (59.1%)
1 / 4 (25%)
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Extremely consistent lap paces. Lap times exceeded 2:35 only where I slowed to hydrate or take gels. Cadence data was very encouraging. The cadence in the last six laps was identical to that of the beginning of the race, for a great portion of the middle it averaged near 180 (with ranges from 178 to 192) and even in the last six laps I was able to throw in surges where cadence exceeded 180 in each of those last laps. A much stronger effort than the same race a year ago & a huge improvement over the summer half there. The official time was 2:00:23.49 -- although I think they somehow forgot to count that first partial lap because the difference between the official time and the time they showed on Saturday is about a minute and 45 seconds.