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7:50 AM

16 mi


9:24 mi


45 F


5 / 10
8 / 10
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Prairie Path


Excellent long run in windy conditions (going west anyways) that rivaled the Shamrock Shuffle. Rest day yesterday plus the harder runs earlier in the week set up today's long run nicely. Felt strong from the beginning of the run & the 8 miles run into a direct headwind were extremely solid. I felt like I needed to push the effort a little harder while running into the wind because I would have felt I was standing still. But I was able to do that and keep those miles moving at nice, comfortable pace. The 8 miles with the wind at my back, by contrast, were very easy & I was able to take full advantage of it, easing up on the effort a bit yet still maintaining a very nice pace. Did an abbreviated set of exercises after the run due to show night time constraints.