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5.8 mi


8:07 mi


128 lb


Time is not exact...Garmin crunked on picking up satellites in the middle of nowhere. Exceedingly tough to unfold stiff legs at 3:40 a.m. and get ready to race after no sleep and an endless stream of gatorade and bars. If possible, it was darker than previous leg. A rooster right on the side of the road scared the living crap out of me when he belted out the rise-and-shine crow. Passed 4 other runners ("roadkill" terminology to me) and thought I was lost at mile 4 until I saw the tailights of another runner at the top of a monstrous hill.

Nearly fell into a ravine TWICE while attempting to hold my wrist in the light of my headlamp to see my dead garmin.

This leg finished at Four Roses distillery..Chocolate and bourbon at 6 a.m. Righteous.