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9 mi


8:13 mi


127 lb


Running thru rivers of mud. One of the most fun races I have EVER run. 2nd woman overall... Totally mudded by finish. Threw shoes away (old shoes) at finish line. Sprinted maybe harder than I ever have at a finish to outkick the miserable bastard who had been sitting on my shoulder half the race. Even as I slowed a bit in the final mile he would NOT pass me...Figured he was waiting to grab the glory of being the man beating the girl right at the line. Sure enough, he blasted into a major kick right as the line and the people watching at the finish came into view.

I'm sure it really chapped his ass to be beaten by half a second by a chick old enough to be his mother....right in front of everyone. After we finished, he shrugged and said he was just trying to break 1:14. Then he threw in that he had had to stop twice during the race to tie his shoes. Um, yeah.