mcdgg's profile   

Profession: Assistant store manager/Chico's
Age: 59
Current Weight: 68 kg
Goal Weight: 65.8 kg
Location: Newtown, CT
About me: 
I was raised in LI, but have lived in CT since 1997 with my husband of 22 years. New England is such a beautiful place, and the town we live in is a great place to raise kids. I have a son and daughter, both in college, 2 Yorkies and 2 cats. I also enjoy knitting and crocheting.
Why do I run: 
I like having upcoming races to keep me on track, otherwise I'm inconsistant with exercise.
Why I started running: 
My big brother was a marathon runner, so it was something I always wanted to do. I ran NYC in 1993, but never ran again after that until December 2009. I started again and hope to build slowly this time and do it for as long as my body allows.