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Name: John Mahoney
Gender: Male
Profession: retired!
Age: 68
Current Weight: 72.6 kg
Location: Salem, MA
About me: 
I ran a quite a bit after college, got hurt when my youngest turned 2, took a 20 yr break, and my youngest got me running again in 2004. My goals are: 1) Still running at 65 - Made it! 2) Still running at 70 - I am still plugging along at 68.
Why do I run: 
Running feels good. I like to build up a sweat and it is "my time" to listen podcasts.
Why I started running: 
I started playing club rugby and, since I only weighed 140 lb, decided I better be able to out run the big guys. Over time, running became more fun than the rugby! When my younger daughter was 2, it was too much and I stopped. 20 years later, the same younger daughter asked me if I would run a race with her. She had never run a race. We are still running. I ran 1 marathon, Boston. (My wife won't let me run any more.) My daughters have run several marathons and it is fun to run with them now.