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7:00 PM

2 mi


8:23 mi


130 lb


74 F
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Hooray! Not the best run I've ever had, but I ran! All gangly feeling. Didn't feel normal until about 1/4 mile in. No pain though. None at all...

Wore the new shoes and, man, I noticed over the past couple of years that my feet have gone from a size 8 to a now size 9.5 (running shoe). So, all this time I was thinking, what the heck? Your feet don't just grow at 20 something. Turns out, it was due to my arches flattening. I just got these new shoes, right, and they are about a half size too big. I think next time I'll go back down to at least a size 9.

And by the way, these shoes got dirt on 'em for their first run. I ran from Lifetime out to Zorinsky and back. Was only going to run a mile, but when I looked down I had already gone .65, so I just decided to run it out and turn around at 1 mile. I can definitely tell I haven't run in a while, especially in wind. Oh well, it'll come.