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9:02 AM

25 km


7:22 mi


168 lb


63 F
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Cape Ann 25K

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Perfect weather for the time of year.

Didn't hit the goal of 1:52:40, but I'm not too upset about it. Really I'm a month earlier in training than lasttime around, and last time I had the push of racing as well. I'm not where I need to be but it's also evident that I am progressing.

Just tried to run relatively evenly. Never really died, but never was really able to push. Was able to get it somewhat together in the last 1.5 or so, and I take positive in that, too.

Looking at splits from 2010 (in notes) I was just slightly slower all the way through, but the big difference came in that last 3 miles or so. Probably the difference between being pushed and not because I never really tried to pick it up. Mental weakness more than physical. I attribute this to not racing enough over the last year, and I'm not too worried about it. Makes me glad I've got a few races lined up though before Philly.



15.5 miles at 7:20 is what I see. Very good sign for things to come.


What Nader said.


Yep. Strong showing


Nice run, you seem to be slipping back into good form. 11Wks to Philly!!!


Nice splits, L Train


I'd expect your legs to be a little dead as you're absorbing the recent (big) jump in mileage. This is solid.

Also, how weird is the end of that course? Just when your glycogen depleted brain is starting to shut down and your legs are all wobbly is when the course goes from picturesque, rustic New England coastline, to the traffic and urban blight of East Gloucester. Quite a shock to the system.

L Train

Thanks guys (and Hop). Mikey, yeah the course is weird, and that last windy hill is unnatural. And the course is hilly, but I think they overblow that in their advertising. I tend to not notice anything when I'm running about scenery and stuff, but I think I saw the ocean once. The thing I noticed most was how downhill the first two miles were, I'd forgotten that.