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8:02 AM

26.2 mi


10:23 mi


169 lb


65 F
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Rocket City Marathon

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Yeah so look at that, huh?

Signed up for this race back in May or something, at the time, had eyes on possibly getting the BQ here. Average hi of 54, low of 38 on this date or something, flattish course. Made the decision to tell no one except Steve and really I'm pretty happy about that. But even him I threw off towards the end and said it wasn't happening.

My summer and fall on a personal level were very difficult in some unique ways, anyone who knows me or even reads here knows that I have been a bit of a head case. I mean, I always am, but more than normal. I wasn't even sure I was going to do this until I did that 18 with Mike about a month ago. Little did he know that was my dress rehearsal, though he probably wondered WTF at the time.

I haven't trained well, I have been very inconsistent. I've had some OK runs, some good ones but lots of bad ones. My body is relatively uninjured. It really comes down to that I haven't been focused enough, disciplined enough, and really people laugh and disagree but I really haven't run enough. I can fake my way through a shorter race or even a long training run, but I know how I feel, and how I feel the next day vs. how I feel when I am really locked in.

But I needed some alone time away and I was half trained and I had already paid so what the hell? I flew down on Thursday, cabbed to my hotel, didn't get a car which was stupid. Huntsville is a giant strip mall, nothing is close, walking to anything wasn't happening and I really didn't put any thought into this whole thing which is very unlike me. Cabbed again to dinner, cabbed home. Cabbed the next day to the expo, then to lunch, then back, all delayed and silly. Nothing really to see in Huntsville other than the Space Museum which I really didn't go to but we "ran" through it so I sort of saw.

Ordered pizza the night before. Actually had a massive headache the day before and was lethargic, had been sort of that way a few days which I assume was taper related. I didn't even do the taper right because of life. But in retrospect might have had a bug. Pizza wasn't ideal dinner but it's all I could fund and I was again unprepared and winging it, not at all me. What the hell, I wasn't even trying here anyway right? Also I had found out there were going to be record hi temps which was fantastic news.

Woke up at 4:30 or something, down to breakfast, grabbed the shuttle, to the arena. Already 65 degrees and humid. My throw away was unnecessary. Waited in the arena for an hour then went to the line. Still seriously out of body, totally calm, no pressure, no one even knows I'm here and I have no hard goal.

No joke there are pacers for this race every 5 minutes from 3-4 hours. My plan was to line up with the 335 pacers. Run with them for 3-4 miles, see how I felt, hopefully good enough that I would leave and then chase the 330 pacers, catching them around mile 20. Then in an ideal world, leave them behind and run somewhere under 330. I had no BQ aspirations, even if it were a good day and cool.

Lots of turns on the course, that's the first thing you notice. But my Garmin miles were right on the whole time, surprisingly. First 3-4 unremarkable, then I really felt good and confident enough to leave them and I could see the 330 group on the longer straight section. I was running close to 8 flats pretty consistently, the 335 group was a little fast. I caught the 330 group faster than I wanted, then ran with them from mile 7-8. 2 loud and fun and motivating pacers here, it was mostly good. And the miles just sort of went on. Somewhere around mile 7 before I caught that group I was running with a woman and she asked how I felt and I just said OK, but warm.

Everything was really fine, crossed 1/2 about 45 seconds early. Then at 15 I just all of a sudden felt really queasy. Warm races I have such a hard time with the gatorade/water/gu thing. I just can't get it. I either take too much and am queasy sloshy or I don't get enough. At around 16 I slowed and then bam, puked. Didn't even make it to the side. Got myself together a bit, then again less than 2 miles later. I may not have those miles exactly right. From there I was just done. I was light headed and faint the whole rest of the way. Walked a ton, obviously. I would try to run and then my stomach would turn again. Then after the finish I got a PBJ and quickly puked that also. About 1/2 hour later I ate a ice cream sandwich and kept it down.

So yeah another marathon fail. Doesn't matter though. I've got stuff to work on. My whole left side is weak. My hips are weak. My feet/ankles/core. My form still sucks. I slouch. I don't eat well enough. None of these caused this race, but I was self aware enough about my body to sort of take stock. I need to be much more overall stronger than I am.

I don't even care about this race, I'm glad I went. The result doesn't matter in the least. Where do I go from here? I am signed up for Sugarloaf. Life will I'm sure get in the way but I am going to be positive and do what I can when I can. My plan currently doesn't have enough mileage, maybe that will change as I get closer. But I want to use the bike as recovery and I want to get much stronger in my weak areas, and just hope that if I am consistent and positive and committed to all of those things in a well rounded way that I will achieve my goal, which currently is to smack all of your asses on the way by.



2 pigs puke. what an odd "take 2". i really did enjoy reading this. i like your out of body experience... you really puked? jesus christ.

L Train

Obviously first thing I thought of was Greg. I've never had that happen, even nausea at all really. It wasn't going to be anything fantastic anyway. But like the gut St the start said, I am thankful to even be in the position to have the chance to do this.


Should have run faster.


Damn.... remind me not to select huntsville as a vacation destination. Sounds like it was a good learning experience, but sorry you had to do in this way. Looking forward to the winter beatings, but there is NO WAY in hell you are smacking my ass!


Slippery people.