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7:30 AM

26.2 mi


11:28 mi


174 lb
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Maine Coast Marathon

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Hard to take anything good from this. I was warm from go and never really right. Early miles were OK but not coming easily. The hamstring seemed to sort of hold up, later turned to quad pain. Whatever. Came through 1/2 right on time with everyone and really through 15 I thought I might be OK. Then it just sort of hit me all at once, wasn't sweating and the steps were coming difficult. When I stopped I was sort of just staggering a bit and the quad hurt and it just kind of hit me all at once. The sun was right in our faces and I couldn't cool down. Couldn't get enough water without feeling squishy and nauseus. Once I knew my time was gone I saw no reason to grind this out. Some 4:00 marathon at this point doesn't do anything for me.

Felt bad, the whole train family came out with signs and everything. On Mother's Day. Jesus.

Everything about this whole experience was fun until the last 2 miles. Some in our group had really good days, more did not. Maybe I'll try to train for this next year.

mta: With a day of perspective, let me edit this. To say there's nothing good from this is wrong. If I look at the whole experience, the journey or whatever, it was great. All the planning and the group runs and shared goals and everything has been great. And I'm in better shape than when I was a few months ago. And some of our merry band had very good races and I'm happy for them. It was a bad race under conditions that were not ideal for me, we got unlucky that way. But there are always more races.



Enjoyed the whole training cycle with you, good times. Thanks


The savings of those 9 + will help in 2 weeks. F'ing marathons.


The coldest winter in our lifetimes and you catch a hot spring day. Truly sorry man. Good luck in Vermont.


Courageous call, both to stop yesterday and to sign up for VC. Good luck, LTrain. If anyone deserves it, you do. Was nice to see Diane and the family there to support you -- on Mother's Day, no less.

L Train

Greg, we can call it many things, even smart in some ways. But courageous is the last thing it was. Thank you though.