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9:59 AM

6.1 mi


9:29 mi


171 lb


83 F
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This was great. Ran powerlines with coach as a recovery run. Planted water on Stanley which was right around 2, then stopped at the next road which was right at 3 and turned around. So not long. We finished coming down a steep hill, and coach is always way faster trail running than me and is always waiting on me. So I got a head start going up the first hill on the way back and made a game of not letting her catch me. Usually pace is 10:20ish or so on this trail, and there were two sub 9's on the way back. She never did catch me but I don't think she was really trying. That was really fun, though, my legs felt totally fresh and like I could keep going all day. Maybe we'll see on Friday. My first ever sub 10 pace on this route.